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Your new Tesla is a beautiful vehicle. But will it stay that way?  What will it look like a year from now after bug splatter, bird droppings, tree sap, UV rays, acid rain and a host of other environmental contaminants get a shot at marring your car’s paint. Thankfully, there are powerful aftermarket Ceramic Coating products to defend against the hazards of the road and keep your Model X, Model S, or Model 3 looking like-new.

Tesla Paint Protection

Durable Ceramic Coating Paint Protection for your Tesla Model S, Model 3 and Model X, providing excellent depth of gloss, stunning looks.

Tesla Paint Protection Specialist

Based in Flinders Park, Adelaide Paint Protection are perfectly located to offer Tesla owners the industries recognised leader in Ceramic Coating Products. We offer stand-alone Paint Protection installations as well as our very popular Packages consisting of Paint Protection, Window Tint and Interior Protection.

Tesla Ceramic Paint Protection Specialist

Tesla paint has been heavily criticised as being fragile and inconsistent in application. Tesla cars are manufactured in south Fremont, California, where the environmental requirements are quite strict. This results in the Tesla’s paint being not as “hard” as the paint finishes of some other premium manufacturers.

Some owners of Tesla Cars have been disappointed with the finish of the paint even only after a couple of months or as little of a 1000 km’s. Reports of swirl marks, light scratches and a grey haze over the paintwork which has dulled the true colour of the Tesla’s paintwork.

Adelaide Paint Protection have a solution to this problem is to install a Ceramic Coating Paint Protection treatment. The ceramic coating when cured to your cars paint, transforms into a transparent ultra hard glass film on top of the paintwork.

Tesla Paint Protection Specialists
Tesla Paint Protection Specialists-1

The ceramic paint protection will easily outperforms and outlast older products like wax, sealants and paint protection films (PPF).  Unlike the older generation of paint protections like wax and sealants, the ceramic paint protection forms a permanent bond with the coating of your Tesla paintwork which can only be removed by machine polishing.

  1. High gloss shine, scratch resistant layer that cannot be matched by premium waxes.
  2. Offers superior protection compared to paint protection packages offered by car dealerships.
  3. Protects not only paintwork, but alloy wheels, plastic trim, glass.
  4. Self-cleaning abilities means your car will stay cleaner for longer.
  5. Protects against swirl marks / light scratches.
  6. Superior gloss levels compared to car wax.
  7. Chemical resistant, can not be washed away like car wax and can only be removed with machine polishing.

Treat your Tesla to the ultimate in Paint Protection.

Protecting against harmful acid rain, bird droppings, light scratches and UV damage. Our Ceramic Coatings are installed on your Tesla’s paintwork, plastic trims, bumpers and wheels ensuring a minimum of 9 years durable nano ceramic coating Paint Protection for your Tesla.

The ceramic coated surfaces gain a highly-hydrophobic surface that results to an easy-clean surface requiring little to no time and effort for a superior shine. Your Tesla stays cleaner and shinier for longer with the ceramic coating paint protection. Always with a better than showroom look!

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