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TESLA ceramic coating

Protective Ceramic Coating Packages for Tesla Automobiles in Adelaide

Ceramic Coat Your Electric Vehicle To Help It Retain Its Value

New Tesla models have sky-rocketed in popularity over recent years, and anyone who drives the streets of Adelaide would agreeAt every turn, the chance of you seeing a Tesla Model X, Model 3, or even the new Model Y is great and only becoming even more frequent.
Now that electric vehicles have cemented their mark in the auto industry, the question remains: What does protecting the long-term integrity and value of them look likeCoating the exterior painted surfaces with a hard, glossy, hydrophobic ceramic coating is a great place to begin!
At Adelaide Paint Protection, we have established an exclusive team of ceramic coating specialists that work with Tesla automobilesOver the course of our years in business, we have established ceramic coating installation methodologies that are proven safe for the unique paintwork on all Tesla modelsHaving a ceramic coating installed on your Tesla will not only keep it protected, it helps increase and retain top value for many years.
Adelaide Paint Protection specialise in Automotive, Caravan/RV, 4WD as well as Aircraft Paint Protection.
Tequila N Tacos Tesla Model 3

Tesla Ceramic Paint Protection Pricing

(Please note, pricing is dependent on Tesla model. Enquire for a Quote).


5 Year Warranty
Medium Car
  • 2 Layers 10H Coating
  • Spot Polish
  • All External Painted Surfaces


Lifetime Warranty
Medium Car
  • Multi Layer Coating
  • Single Stage Paint Correction
  • All External Painted Surfaces
  • Plastics, Chrome & Lights
  • Wheels Faces Coated
  • Door Sills
  • Sunroof
  • FREE Annual Detail
  • CASH Discount Available


APP Proprietary Blend
Lifetime Warranty
Medium Car
  • Proprietary Blend
    Graphene - Sio2 - TiO2 - SiC
  • Multi Stage Paint Correction
  • All External Painted Surfaces
  • Plastics, Chrome & Lights
  • Inside Fuel Cap
  • Wheel Coated Inside & Out
  • Door Openings
  • Sunroof
  • Front Windscreen Hydro Coating
  • FREE Re-Coating @ 5 Years
  • FREE Annual Full Detail
  • FREE Lifetime Re-Coating of affected Panels after ACCIDENT
  • CASH Discount Available

Optional Extras For Your Tesla

Take things to the next level by including these recommended optional extras to your paint protection package:

Benefits to Ceramic Coating Your Tesla

Gtechniq accredited logo and paint protection products

GTECHNIQ Certified Paint Protection Detailer

Adelaide Paint Protection demands the best so your car is protected and looks the best. We use Gtechniq Paint Protection products and are are Gtechniq Certified Detailer.

GTECHNIQ is a brand offering reliable, thoroughly-tested range of high technology products, which satisfies the needs of both enthusiasts and professionals.

If you’re travelling Australia in your brand-new Tesla we guarantee that having ceramic paint protection will make your journey far more enjoyable. With the next level protection provided significantly shortening the time spent on maintenance, you have more time to experience Australia.

Paint Protection Frequently Asked Questions

Cleaning your Tesla has never been so simple. We recommend washing your vehicle by hand in the shade with a soft noodle mitt and a drying towel. Whilst self-serve car washing bays may be more convenient, these services often use wash products with strong harmful chemicals and wash brushes with bristles that are known to scratch your vehicle’s paint. Alternatively, you may seek the help of a car washing professional to hand wash your car with top of the line products.

When it comes to cosmetics, Ceramic coating will provide your vehicle with all the shine you could ask for! Even in the most harsh weather conditions, whether that be the scorching hot and humid air of Darwin or the icy cool temperatures in Canberra, your caravan will maintain an incredible glossy exterior with our Professional Grade ceramic coating protection.

Plus, all of our customers are given wash guides, product recommendations & ongoing FREE advice as long as you need for assistance on how to best maintain your coating.

A Professionally applied Ceramic Coating installation is invisible, & will actually amplify the colour of your Teslas new paint!

*Correctly maintained – INFINITELY!!

All of our customers are given wash guides, product recommendations & ongoing FREE advice as long as  you need, to maintain your coating.

When your new car is collected from us we go through the recommended products to ensure a lifetime of Protection. You simply can’t go wrong!! 

As a guide a properly maintained Pro Grade Coating (notice I said PRO GRADE) will provide excellent service for an INFINITE period of time. GUARANTEED.

Maintenance is Super Simple, there are several products that just make it fun & easy to maintain your newly coated car.

We are sent pictures weekly of happy customers snow foaming their cars, or applying Ceramic Spray to ensure the maximum durability of their coatings.

Maintenance is simple, but important!

Travel in any Weather Conditions with a Hydrophobic and UV Protected Tesla

Australian weather can be very unpredictable at times, especially when you’re on the road. Having the hydrophobic and UV protection on your new Tesla will help maintain your vehicles cleanliness and value long-term.

Hydrophobic refers to a material’s ability to shed water. You can tell when a surface has hydrophobic properties because when water makes contact, it will bead up and roll off. Hydrophobicity can be achieved when a surface is exceptionally smooth, giving the water beads nothing to stick to. This prevents water spots and stains on your Teslas paintwork.

Ceramic coatings are known for their ultra-smooth ‘feel’, and with no texture for the water to adhere to, it’s forced to bead off your vehicle. The results we’re able to achieve with ceramic coatings go far beyond the visually aesthetic. Particularly those of wax and polymer sealants which many dealerships sell to customers as paint protection.

Ceramic coating also assists with long-term protection from harmful UV rays. This layer has UV-blocking qualities that instead of allowing the rays to penetrate the exterior, causing cracking, peeling, and fading, it reflects the UV rays. Essentially, ceramic coating works for your car the same way that SPF works for your skin, but for a Lifetime!

The self-healing technology describes the ability to return to its original form after washing marks, swirl marks, or other light scratches are introduced into the surface of the Coating.

In our testing of four Self Healing Ceramic Coatings, ONLY ONE of the coatings were able to ‘self heal’ as stated. Consequently you will find this product available at our studio. We recommend it to be used as a top layer coating on any of our professionally installed Ceramic Coating.

Experience The Best In Hydrophobic Paint Protection For Your Tesla

Paint Protection and perfection is right at your fingertips with the help of our ceramic coating installation team here at Adelaide Paint Protection.

Before you bring us your Tesla for a GTECHNIQ Ceramic Coating, be sure to fill out our FREE quick quote form to get a rough estimate on your selected package, and contact our team to let us know if you have any questions or special requests.

Have a Model 3 of your own or waiting to take delivery of a new Tesla? Let us know how we can protect yours!