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4wd ceramic coating

Adelaide New 4WD / SUV Paint Protection Specialists


Adelaide Paint Protection 4wd Pro Extreme Ceramic Coating is a clear, nano crystalline coating that is installed in multiple layers of the toughest 10H+ Ceramic Coating on the market!

Our most durable Pro Extreme Ceramic Coating delivers an outstanding level of gloss and sleekness that will protect your vehicle from UV rays, harsh weather conditions, chemicals and more while also repelling water, dirt, and other unsightly contaminants.

In an industry full of different paint coatings, Adelaide Paint Protection stands out by making their newest paint coatings more durable and hydrophobic than many of their competitors.

Featuring greater than 10H hardness rating,  Adelaide Paint Protection Ceramic Coating is up to 12 micron thick and will protect against many exterior assaults.

While proper maintenance is still required, Adelaide Paint Protection Pro Extreme Coating almost makes your vehicle “scratch-proof”! 

Our 4wd Pro Extreme Ceramic Coating provides an increased level of protection compared to what you would typically receive and is a one-stop protection and shine-inducing vehicle coating!

We begin our proprietary installation with a thermoplastic composite layer that is capable of flexing with your paint surface. So whilst your 4WD body is flexing off Road, the incredible 10H+ hardness level provides the ability to flex with your paint. Of course, all the while, this Pro Coating matrix will repel any moisture away from your paint surface, causing water to bead and sheet off!

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Gtechniq accredited logo and paint protection products

GTECHNIQ Certified Paint Protection Detailer

Adelaide Paint Protection demands the best so your car is protected and looks the best. We use Gtechniq Paint Protection products and are are Gtechniq Certified Detailer.

GTECHNIQ is a brand offering reliable, thoroughly-tested range of high technology products, which satisfies the needs of both enthusiasts and professionals.

A Professionally applied Ceramic Coating installation is invisible, & will actually amplify the colour of your 4WD’s new Paint!

4WD Paint Protection Frequently Asked Questions

That depends on how much protection you want!

The cost of Paint Protection for a 4WD varies starting from $1297 and based on extras and requirements. 

Please contact us to confirm availability for your specific make and model. 

Having been installing Ceramic Coatings for 13+ years now, we are factory trained to install every major brand of Professional quality Ceramic Coatings!

Just like your new car or new phone, Ceramic Coatings evolve each year and better formulas are produced.

We install over 15 Ceramic Coatings each week and are constantly asked to trial new products. Our R&D location is on acreage at McLaren Vale is where we test every new Ceramic Coating for several parameters before finally making them available for OUR customers. We have 14 Black bonnets that have coatings installed, followed by monthly checks and measures through all weathers!

So you can rest assured that the products and brands we sell ARE THE BEST EXAMPLES AVAILABLE.

PRO Grade Ceramic Coatings require the use of Sandpaper to remove them once cured! Not sure why you would want to remove a Coating though?

Compare this to the average lifespan of a PTFE product that most dealerships offer and you begin to understand why purchasing your new Ceramic Coating from Adelaide Paint Protection is the clear choice!

The self-healing technology describes the ability to return to its original form after washing marks, swirl marks, or other light scratches are introduced into the surface of the Coating.

In our testing of four Self Healing Ceramic Coatings, ONLY ONE of the coatings were able to ‘self heal’ as stated. Consequently you will find this product available at our studio. We recommend it to be used as a top layer coating on any of our professionally installed Ceramic Coating.

*Correctly maintained – INFINITELY!!

All of our customers are given wash guides, product recommendations & ongoing FREE advice as long as  you need, to maintain your coating.

When your new car is collected from us we go through the recommended products to ensure a lifetime of Protection. You simply can’t go wrong!! 

As a guide a properly maintained Pro Grade Coating (notice I said PRO GRADE) will provide excellent service for an INFINITE period of time. GUARANTEED.

Maintenance is Super Simple, there are several products that just make it fun & easy to maintain your newly coated car.

We are sent pictures weekly of happy customers snow foaming their cars, or applying Ceramic Spray to ensure the maximum durability of their coatings.

Maintenance is simple, but important!

In order for us to spend a sufficient amount of time preparing your vehicle’s paint and applying the coating(s), you will need to leave your vehicle with us for at least one day for protector coatings, and multiple days for Pro Ceramic Coatings.

Please contact us and we will determine the length of time needed for your specific vehicle.