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4 Ways to Maintain Your BMW’s Showroom Shine [Updated]

BMWs are beautiful cars – with an understated combination of performance and elegance. That feeling you get from driving down the street and watching the heads turn in admiration – it’s irreplaceable. And you want to keep it alive for years to come!

Fact is, your BMW is exposed to all sorts of wear and tear, no matter how hard you try to baby it. This is why you need to maintain your BMW’s showroom shine!

Invest in Ceramic Paint Protection

Waxing your car will give it some protection, however it does not compete with ceramic coating’s superior benefits. BMW offers a ‘Hard Wax’ as a form of Paint Protection, however this will require repeated applications every few weeks (despite what the dealer may tell you)!

Ceramic paint protection, unlike a traditional wax or sealant, does not wash away or break down. After one application of a Pro grade Ceramic Coating, your vehicle experiences all of these benefits for up to 10 years guaranteed.

Plus, ceramic coating improves the paint’s appearance by enhancing its reflective properties. This increases the depth and clarity of the paint. If you want to protect your car’s paint and make your ride look brand-new again, you can’t go wrong with ceramic coating!

Car Fabric and Leather Protection

One of the reasons you love your BMW is the feeling of luxury and quality you get when inside. We have a range of specialised protective coatings for all the interior leather, vinyl and fabric materials in your new car.

Our protective system is again based on sophisticated co-polymer treatments which will help prevent premature wear and ageing of your leather and fabrics without affecting their natural feel, look and smell.

Fabric protection is a specially formulated invisible treatment to leathers, fabric, carpet and velour surfaces, which provides a flexible barrier, preventing stains from food, drink and soiling from everyday use.

Clean the Glass Thoroughly

The glass cannot stay dirty while the rest of the car shines in the light. There is no need to be elaborate for cleaning glass. You simply need to apply glass cleaner either directly on the glass or on the cloth you will use for cleaning. Just rub the glass until it shines clean.

If you want to have clear vision during the wetter months of the year, ask us about our Super Hydrophobic Windscreen coatings. A small investment for clear vision during rain storms.

Shine the Tyres

Tyres are just as simple as the rest. You need to simply apply tyre shine onto the rubber and wipe it clean with a cloth. Not only does this make the tyres shine and look glossy, but it also adds a layer of protection that will protect the tyres from accumulating dirt and scratches.
The second part involves cleaning the rims. They require a cleaning spray depending on the material.

You can also utilise protection coatings to not only make the rims shine but also make them more resistant towards the dirt and gravel that they are bound to encounter.

The Finished Product - Customer's BMW

From start to finish, ceramic coating process for a BMW X5 Competition

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