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Protect Your Car From Summer Heat

3 Ways to Protect Your Car This Holiday & Summer Season

The holiday and summer season has arrived! And with that comes the busy trips to summer getaways in and around the state. But with all the celebrations and vacations, don’t forget about your car!

Summer can be tough on cars. Just as high levels of ultraviolet rays can weather human skin, they can also weather a car’s paint and interior. Preparation through summer car care is key to handling the harsh summer heat.

Following these simple tips will help your vehicle to look its best not only this summer, but for years to come.

  1. If you have to park outside, choose a shaded spot.

The simplest and cheapest thing you can do to protect your car is to try to park it in the shade as much as possible, away from the elements. Whenever possible, park your car in covered parking spaces, garages or under awnings.

Beware of trees that may also offer shade, but can cover your car with tree sap. If not cleaned off quickly, the sap can permanently etch your paint and glass.

The summer heat and UV rays will have an impact on your cars exterior, causing the paint to wear faster, especially if it is not protected by a ceramic coating. Over time and if neglected, exterior paint can peel, fade, or crack.

  1. Don’t forget about your car’s interior.

The heat and sun could also affect the temperature inside your vehicle, particularly during summer season where the sun beats the most. Once your car was sitting outside for a considerable amount of time, you could feel that the temperature inside gets unbearably hot, damaging your car’s interior.

How about having your Windows tinted with a premium window film? Adelaide Paint Protection offer Window Tint using only premium Suntek Window Film. It definitely reduces the temperature inside your car and we can install tint as part of a Paint Protection Package. As well as Window tint our packages includes coatings for the interior that provide a high level of UV protection, guaranteeing a double layer of protection for your new cars interior. Treatments for Fabric, Leather & any other combination you can think of!

  1. Invest in ceramic paint protection.

The most vulnerable part of your car in the summer is your exterior paint, which is constantly being hit by strong sun rays. Not only will this damage your paint and cause chipping over time, but it will also heat up and damage the interior.

While regularly waxing your car will give it some protection, it does not compete with ceramic coating’s superior benefits. Ceramic paint protection, unlike a traditional wax or sealant, does not wash away or break down and does not require repeated application every few months. After one application, your vehicle experiences all of these benefits guaranteed for 10 years.

Plus, ceramic coating improves the paint’s appearance by enhancing its reflective properties. This increases the depth and clarity of the paint. If you want to protect your car’s paint and make your ride look brand-new again, you can’t go wrong with ceramic coating!

You may be asking yourself right now “how do I get a ceramic coating?”

Actually, it is super easy! We at Adelaide Paint Protection take pride in providing professional and dependable ceramic coating services. We treat our clients’ cars as if they are our own, ensuring excellent and thoughtful results.

Ceramic Paint Protection is a great investment for your car so make sure that you only trust professionals who have years of experience and have the skills to back their promises. At APP, we don’t just say things to convince car owners to get our services but we let the results speak for us.

If you are interested in our Ceramic Paint Protection, click here to book!

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