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10 Common Car Detailing Myths


We’ve heard all the common car detailing myths and we’ve seen first hand what the friendly detailing tip your neighbor gives you really does to your car (hint: it’s not pretty). Let’s get right into debunking a few of the most common car detailing myths.

10 Common Car Detailing Myths

1) It’s okay to use dish detergent to wash your car : This is one of the most pervasive car detailing myths. Detergent may create soap suds but that doesn’t mean it’s effective at cleaning your car. Dish detergent was not designed for automotive paint and should not be used on it in any scenario.


2) A shiny car is a clean car : There are many ways you can make a car shine without actually cleaning it, so just because your car is still shiny doesn’t mean you aren’t due for a wash.

3) It doesn’t matter what you use to wipe down your car : Many people use old towels or shirts to wipe down their cars but the fibers in towels and t-shirts are often rough and can scratch up your car’s clear coat and leave behind dirtIt’s best to use a drying towel designed for the job. The best choice is RAPID DRY TOWELS.

4) You can wait until your car is filthy before you wash it  : The longer something sits on your car, the more likely it is to cause permanent damage. Biological contaminants like bug splatter, tar, and bird droppings are especially harmful to your car’s paint. If you spot anything at all that needs to be cleaned you should wash your car right away.

5) Wax lasts for years : Wax is a temporary solution. Under ideal circumstances, it only provides a few months worth of protection. If you want long-term protection you need a ceramic paint coating.

6) Air fresheners remove bad odors : Air fresheners simply mask bad odors. If you want to remove bad odors you’ll have to get down and dirty with some interior detailing.

7) There’s nothing you can do about water spots : Water spots are difficult, but not impossible, to remove. For a few tips on removing water spots check out this post. We have water spot removal products for purchase ($33.00) from our studio.

8) Polishing and waxing are the same thing : The terminology can get confusing but in general, polishing is something you do that removes minor imperfections while waxing is something that provides protection. Don’t assume that the detailer polishing your car also provides protection.

9) You should let your car air dry : Allowing your car to air dry is a great way to get some nasty water spots, which kind of defeats the purpose of washing it in the first place. It’s best to dry your car with a RAPID DRY TOWELS.

10) Machine polishing can damage paint : Don’t let this car detailing myth fool you, the polishing tools used by professionals are perfectly safe for your car. That’s what they were designed for, after all!

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