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paint protection Film (PPF)

Adelaide New Car Paint Protection Film Specialists

Protect Your Car From Defects and Hazards

New Car Paint Protection Fim

With the amount of new cars you see driving in all areas Adelaide, it is no wonder why many new car owners are looking for protection products for their specific models. But what is the best choice in protecting all the delicate exterior surfaces of a new motor vehicle while trying to preserve its long-term value?

When hazards can be found at every turn, even right in your garage or parking spot, the best way to protect your paint is by installing a self-healing shield to it. Lucky for all new car owners Adelaide Paint Protection have some of the best paint protection film packages around!

Professional PPF products by our proffered suppler STEK are glossy, clear urethane wraps that adhere safely and securely to your new car’s painted exterior surfaces.

We have a licensed, insured, and certified PPF installation team here at our Flinders Park detailing shop that work exclusively with Paint Protection Film installations, so you know that the job will be done right, always.

Ford Mustang being paint protected with film at Adealide Paint Protection
Play Video about Ford Mustang being paint protected with film at Adealide Paint Protection

Car / 4WD Vehicle PPF Packages:

Adelaide Paint Protection – STEK Paint Protection Film Packages

PPF - Partial Protection


Our Partial Protection PPF covers from 45cm to 60cm of your vehicle’s bonnet surface with STEK PPF. THIS PACKAGE INCLUDES: • Front bumper • Partial Bonnet • Mirrors • Partial front Guards

PPF - Full Front Protection


A special characteristic about our Full Front Protection PPF package is that we incorporate "wrapped edges" where possible. With this feature, the ends of the film are tucked around the inside of the panels, making your STEK PPF practically invisible. THIS PACKAGE INCLUDES: • Everything from our Partial Protection PPF package • Full Bonnet • Full front Guards • Headlights

PPF - Full Car Protection


Whether you are looking for that perfectly invisible protective film or a more stealth appearance created by a satin finish, our Full Car Protection PPF package provides all types of automobiles with lasting surface protection. THIS PACKAGE INCLUDES: • Full Car

Benefits of Paint Protection Film
for your new car or 4WD


A premium advantage of Paint protection Film is its hydrophobic properties, which means that it creates a surface that repels water. This means that mud and grime will have a more difficult time bonding with the vehicle's paint; and when the car is washed contaminants come off more easily.


Unlike a wax or sealant, Paint Protection Film does not break down and does not require repeated application every few months. After PPF installation, your vehicle is ready to roll and take life & the roads head on. PPF from APP is guaranteed up to 12 Years!


The Optically clear and ultra smooth surface that PPF creates enhances the reflective properties of your car’s paint. The result is that your car will really pop with gloss and shine. Especially after a fresh wash, your car’s paint will have that beautiful just-been-waxed kind of look, without having to spend time applying wax!


Having a product that is self healing is extremely crucial for the minor dings and nicks that can occur with daily driving. If you have PPF and get a minor scratch, quality STEK PPF will self heal with just a bit of time and natural sunlight. If you get a slightly deeper scratch, you can use a heat gun, hair dryer or even hot water on the scratched area and the film will magically return to its flawless state!


Simply speaking, PPF is a plastic-like material that acts as a self-sacrificial suit of armor for your vehicle. Premium PPF such as the STEK DYNOseries are hydrophobic and self-healing to offer a layer of protection for today’s vehicles. It can be applied to fit the most intricate details of your vehicle’s curves and even protect plastics such as the headlights or mirrors. This barrier between your vehicle’s paint and body panels is a crucial component in keeping it looking good in the face of what mother nature and or road's can throw at it.


Our flagship product, STEK DYNOshield is a premium paint protection film offering World leading performance, durability, and reliability. DYNOshield’s nano-glass top coat is bonded to the film at a molecular level eliminating the need for waxes or after-market top coatings. Hydrophobic and highly damage-resistant, DYNOshield also boasts super self-healing properties and puncture resistance, effectively shielding against surface-level nicks and scratches. In addition to adding protective qualities to the paint, PPF improve the paint’s appearance by enhancing its reflective properties. This increases the depth and clarity of the paint.

PPF Protection

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Car Paint Protection Film Frequently asked questions

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