Meet The Team

Your Adelaide paint protection Technicians

The owners, Vini and Anna

Vini and Anna

Quality Assurance

Montha Khun - Adelaide Paint Protection technician


Paint Correction Specialist
Ceramic Coating Installer

Hannah Purcell - Interior Coating Specialist


Interior Coating Specialist
Ceramic Coating Installer

The owners, Vini and Anna

Vini and Anna Ferrari


What we do at APP

ANNA - Owner of the business, Quality Control, Installation of Ceramic Coatings, Accountant, Bookkeeper & Administration

VINI - Owner of the business, Sales, Marketing, Paint correction Polishing Expert, Quality Control & Installation of Ceramic Coatings

Our automotive industry experience

ANNA - I came to APP on request from my husband Vini. My previous role was in accounting with an outdoor lifestyle business. I had no previous experience at all! I was tasked with learning all facets of the APP business starting with simple tasks like washing cars. I now have proficiency in all aspects except polishing which I will leave to the expert Vini.

VINI - Having spent most of my working life in the automotive trade, I guess it was inevitable that I ended up starting my own business. My experience includes: 15 Years in various State Management roles at Beaurepaires; 5 Years State Manager Bridgestone; Automotive Concourse Presentation Certification; Advanced Paint Correction Certification; Multiple Ceramic Coating Brand Certifications.

Our top car maintenance tips

Get a Ceramic Coating from new.
Have ‘proper window tint’ installed.
Have interior coatings installed.
Maintain your car using Car Wash, not dish wash liquid!
Use a drying towel not Chamois.
Use a soft ‘noodle mitt’ not a block sponge as they can scratch.

Get a PRO GRADE Ceramic Coating when you buy a new car.
Maintain your car.
Use a drying towel not Chamois.
Use a soft ‘noodle mitt’ not a block sponge as they can scratch.

Why we joined the APP team

ANNA - Vini asked me to join as he was getting way too busy!

VINI - I wanted to create a business that emulated one of the Greatest teams in Motor Sport. The all-conquering Mercedes Benz Group C Racing Cars of the 80’s had me spell bound.

Not only did they win every race they entered, their off field presentation of the cars back in the garage was simply first class!

They would strip the cars after every practice or race & clean every single component in great detail. This memory was my driving force to build a facility with brilliant lighting, purpose-built vehicle lifting equipment and processes to ensure that my customers cars ALWAYS went back to them far better than when they arrived.

What excites us at work

ANNA - The smiles on new cars owners faces. The comment “That looks better than the day we collected it from the dealership” makes me proud of our little team & the results we deliver.

VINI - Constant and never ending improvement. Be it product, process or customer service, I always search for the VERY BEST to make sure we are always first to mind when someone is considering a Paint Protection Package.

Our favourite part of the paint protection process

ANNA - Standing back after final inspection knowing that this is the absolute best condition we can deliver the car back to the customer.

VINI - Knowing that I have contributed to making the car in front of me ‘The best example it can be’.

Our dream car

ANNA - Landcruiser 200 series. There is nothing quite like a super comfortable, powerful arm chair to drive around in. Very practical & totally capable in all conditions.

VINI - Mercedes C63s. There’s something that stirs the blood in this motorsport enthusiast when you think of all the possibilities of what crazy power numbers the twin turbo V8 could produce!

What we love doing outside of work

ANNA - I love to Cook! We follow a Whole Food Plant based diet, so I enjoy inventing super yummy meals for our family. Jig Saw puzzles, the more difficult the better. My dog Phantom makes me very happy. We go on lots of walking adventures together.

VINI - Off road Motorcycling. Watching my kids play & enjoy ALF. Love walking on the beach with our dog Phantom.

Fun facts about us

ANNA - I was born in a little country town called Ceduna in SA. I love gardening. Going for adventure rides on the back of Vini’s motorbike & having a picnic in an off the road, newly discovered place is always fun.

VINI - I read 5 books a week.

Montha Khun - Adelaide Paint Protection technician

Montha Khun

Paint Polishing Specialist
Ceramic Coating Installer

My automotive industry experience

10+ years manufacturing at General Motors Holden Elizabeth Plant. I detail cars on the weekend as a business.

My top car maintenance tips

Wash your car regularly
Always have a ceramic coating, wax or sealant on your cars paint Keep quick detailer in car in case of emergencies Rinse your car first before contact wash

Why I joined the APP team

I love everything detailing. I have always wanted to work in a professional environment with paint correction and coatings. When the opportunity was presented to be part of the APP team, I was in!

What excites me at work

Knowing the customers rely on us to deliver an amazing service and look forward to picking up their super glossy vehicles.

My favourite part of the paint protection process

The panel wipe of each stage of the paint correction process! I love seeing the results after each pass.

My dream car

Lamborghini. I've always wanted one ever since I saw the "Countach"

What I love doing outside of work

Detailing - yeah, I know, I'm a freak!!

Fun facts about me

I'm a sucker for nutella
I'm married with two kids
I have two tattoos
I love fashion
I love 90s RnB music

Hannah Purcell - Interior Coating Specialist

Hannah Purcell

Interior Coating Specialist. I also install ceramic coatings, and prepare vehicles for paint correction.

My automotive industry experience

I previously had a position as a Cert 3 Automotive Parts Interpreter. I undertook this through MTA, whilst working at a national company, ADRAD. They manufactured & sold radiators. I was part of the customer service team. Prior to this I worked at Autobarn as a customer service assistant.

My top car maintenance tips

Always wash your car Don't leave water sitting on your car, make sure you dry it with a drying towel, NOT a chamois Keep the interior clean Always keep up with servicing Keep up with tyre maintenance, ie wheel rotations, wheel alignments.

Why I joined the APP team

I was looking for a job and noticed an Ad form APP. The job looked interesting and as i always have been a "hands on" worker i thought it was definitely something i would love to do. The job being in the automotive industry is a bonus because i love my cars. Once I met with Vini and Anna i found them to be lovely and now i love working for them they are great bosses, and alongside 2 teammates as well that are just as fantastic.

What excites me at work

The main thing that motivates me is I love my job and who i work for, and I just love being able to see the finished products and the smiles on customers faces when they pick up their car.

My favourite part of the paint protection process

It would have to be the ceramic coating, I love being able to install Professional grade Ceramic Coatings on cars and just seeing the finished product.

My dream car

As a car lover myself, you can never just have 1 dream car, am I right? My 2 dream cars are an old school classic and a Japanese. Ford Falcon XW/XY 351 GTHO in purple and Nissan Skyline R33 GTR also in midnight purple. I'm not sure i can name a couple of things I love about both cars, i just love both! Being a Ford fan ever since i was young and admiring them i fell in love with the Falcons. The Nissan Skyline i have loved for a while now (all my cars I've owned except my current have been Japanese) and the R33 is not an everyone car and that's why I love it.

What I love doing outside of work

Outside work, I game a lot on PC (quite a nerd), love going out 4wding and camping as I own a 4x4 myself, also hanging with my friends . I love going to and watching the footy. GO PORT!!

Fun facts about me

I'm a nerd, mostly for Pokemon and Star Wars
I am a Port supporter
I love my animals, got 4 cats, a dog and a bird
I love Pizza, as i grew up with my dad owning a pizza bar.

More team bios coming soon!